kbeauty kraze *✲゚*。

Honestly,kbeauty is taking over my life now and I’m not mad about it.The money being spent into it may be a little well, heart-breaking but the results out of using them is tremendous.There was a sale going on at shopee and I went all out.Three products may not seem much but as a broke ass student,it is to me.But nonetheless,I don’t regret the products I got.

Cosrx : Advance snail 96 mucin power essence

This is the first time I’ve incorporated an essence into my skincare routine because I never thought of it as necessary.But I came across a post about why essences are important and immediately went online to get one (I’ve been eyeing on this essence anyways). Snail mucin may sound gross but it’s common to find odd ingredients that you’d never thought you could put on your face to be made into skincare products in the world of kbeauty. Snail mucin is actually a wonderful ingredient for anti-aging and skin regenaration!

The product comes in a sturdy,translucent plastic bottle and dispenses in a pump. The product may look thick but easily spreads and absorbs quickly on the skin. It is a tad bit slimy but it’s not sticky in any way.

credits : wishtrend.com

picture credits : wishtrend.com

Essences are usually used after toner and I love the way this essence moisturises my face without it being too thick.I’m not sure if it is effective in treating wrinkles as I don’t have them (for now).But overall,I love that it does it’s job at such an affordable price!

Cosrx : Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight spa mask

Whew,that’s a mouthful of words.But yes,back at it with another cosrx product because they’re that good! Rice contains vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin,it’s also known for brightening! The mask actually comes in a jar but they have now repackaged it into a tube which i prefer because it’s much quicker and more hygienic.

The consistency of it feels a little thick but does not feel heavy on the face at all.It spreads really well but takes a while to absorb into the skin.

credits : wishtrend.con

picture credits : wishtrend.com

This mask can be used as an overnight mask,wash off mask or even just regular moisturiser! Very versatile indeed.I love bringing this when i travel because my skin becomes crazy dry when i travel overseas and this mask ensures that my skin stays moisturised.I usually use this as an overnight mask and when i wake up the next morning,my skin feels so supple and bright,kinda like mochi hehe (๑^ں^๑)

Klairs : Supple Preparation Facial Toner

This toner is very very popular and I’ve seen so many good reviews on it that I just had to go get it myself and I finally understand the hype around this product. This toner is suited for all skin types and comes in a whopping 180ml!!! (used to be 150ml).It hydrates and calms the skin while also balancing the pH of it which enables better absorption for other products.

Okay not to be dramatic but I absolutely love this toner,even more than my cosrx aha/bha toner.It’s just that good!! The texture of it looks thick but feels like water when applied on the skin (idk how to explain it lol).

credits : wishtrend.com

picture credits : wishtrend.com

It has a very lovely herbal-y scent to it as it is made up of plant extracts.I use this toner for my nighttime skincare routine as it feels so calming on my stressed out skin after a long day.Another way i use this is soaking cotton pads with this toner and placing it on irritated areas on my face due to pimples etc and it immediately reduces the redness of it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and comment down your favourite kbeauty products! I’m curious 😛

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2 thoughts on “kbeauty kraze *✲゚*。

  1. Omg! Same with me! 🙋🏻‍♀️ kbeauty has taken over my life and it’s all i ever think about/ post about lately! I also got a bunch of skincare stuff during shopee’s most recent sale, and i ordered another box from althea korea! I seriously can’t stop! Gaaaah!

    Anyway, i’ve been dying to get those items too coz of all the raves i’ve read! Mygosh! Hope to get my hands on cosrx and klairs soon! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope you’ll enjoy your experience with cosrx and klairs!! Omg yes,i always rely on the shopee website for my skincare products cause they’re soooo affordable 😛 Thanks for dropping by though! 🙂


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